Inspired by the cinematic artistry of Christopher Doyle, Mariana Jocic takes the viewer on a cinematic journey that explores the bridge between the inner and outer worlds of perception and imagination. Since graduating from La Trobe University in Australia and completing her Foundation of Film Studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, video making emerged as a unique creative platform that enables her passion for experimentation with image in relation to space, sound and time with audiences. In 2012 she relocated to Berlin and has produced video artwork installations for German Opera “Der Traum Ein Leben” and multi-disciplinary performance art piece “Schluss mit Süß”. She has had her work exhibited at gallery Fata Morgana and has also filmed and edited music videos for artist Emma Elizabeth, Martha Rose, Grip Tight, Lisa Kudoke and more. At the end of 2017 she founded MAI magazine, a Berlin-based arts and pop culture publication. The mission of the publication centers around supporting the creative community through media and innovative new methods of digital storytelling. So far, featured artists have included Martha Rose, Lucy Dyson, Dante Zaballa, Michael McCluskey, Anna Steele, Osiane Efnisien, Pictorial Candi, and Sloe Paul. As the founder and editor of MAI, Mariana aims to connect the music, film, illustration and design industries through an open and fun interactive visual media platform.